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How to measure

For each side of your patio a separate cover will be needed. 

By providing us with these measurements, you can be confident that your covers will fit perfectly, providing optimal protection and enhancing the aesthetics of your patio.To allow us manufacture this correctly we will need the following measurements:

(Use the images below to help)

Step 1.
Length open space between posts for each section.

Step 2.
Width of each post.

Step 3.
Height from top of the rafter to the ground level (measure both sides if different heights)

We recommend leaving a clearance of 25mm at the bottom, so the cover is not touching the ground. If you wish the sides to be longer to go down over a raised floor, ie on a deck, allow for this in the height measurement.

Each of our covers must have a border of at least 100mm. This is necessary to support the mounting eyelets and it also significantly improves the strength and life span of our covers.

If you require a clear/transparent section (a window) or a zipped door please provide those details also.

If you have any difficulty completing the measurements contact us and we will best advise you.

Care and Maintenance

We recommend regular cleaning using clean warm water. It is possible to wash all coloured covers with regular household cleaning detergents. However, we only recommend clean warm water for cleaning clear/transparent covers as they have a special UV filter which can be easily damaged.